Case Studies

Some of the ways in which we have worked with Individuals, Teams and Organisations.

Evergreen Enterprises transforms limitations and obstacles into opportunities

Client satisfaction and quality assurance are the hallmarks of Evergreen Enterprises.

Despite hindrances and fluctuations our business has remained unhindered and progressive. Be it challenging the vagaries of nature or facing a manpower crisis, our robust team has always transformed challenges into solutions.

Evergreen Enterprises wanted to commence business with More Supermarkets, Bangalore from a very long time owing to their huge customer appeal and dominant visibility.

We did establish contact with Mr. Venkat Reddy, Bangalore and sent 2 sample loads for quality approval in two months. We intended to partner with More Supermarkets for further interventions.

After a prolonged wait period, in the month of August, 2016, we received a call from Mr. Reddy placing an order for coconuts. This order needed be delivered in two days before 1 pm at Bangalore collection center.

To make the challenge even more difficult, we had to fight torrential rainfall and increase our labor strength to meet the pressing demands at hand.

What do we do an offer we had waiting for that last six months? Do we remain dormant and move away or face it and work on it?

We chose the affirmative as we had always done. In normal weather we required 30 people for processing, but due to unstable weather conditions we increased our strength. Processing work stopped during the time it rained and again resumed after it stopped. Due to the increase in workforce we could make up for the time lost due to intermittent rainfall. Our manager Pradeep stayed back overnight to ensure proper functioning of the team. Vehicle started next day as planned and we reached before 1 pm as promised.

Each milestone has added a definite character to our strength. A character that defines trust, courage and of course unity.

Evergreen Enterprises sets higher standards with steadfastness and endurance.

Increased demand sets new challenges. There are times in a year when capacity needs to be upgraded or increase unexpectedly in order to ensure that their businesses are focused to deal with unprecedented demand for their products or services.

March 2014, was an extremely lean period for coconut arrivals. Substantial fall in coconut supply owing to various factors led to lesser arrivals and finally changes in the market equilibrium.

In the first week of March, Evergreen Enterprises received a phone call from Mr. Sajith, Fair exports manager, who placed requisition to send more loads of coconuts in three days to meet raising demands in that particular week.

We were already battling tough market conditions. Generally, prepared to send 1 truck load of supply during this period, we found the surge unprecedented and strenuous.

How do we provide increased amounts in demand against the restrictive market conditions?

Evergreen Enterprises started preparations on a war footing. Our Purchase Head, Mr. Arun visited 20+ farms in two days covering 100 kms in and around. He successfully procured 4 lakh coconuts to be supplied to Fair exports.

Our processing team burned the midnight oil to ensure 9 loads of coconuts in 3 days which is 3 loads per day. The entire process had stretched our limitations and tested our tenacity and cajoled us out of our comfort zones to be the top most suppliers till date.

Evergreen Enterprises remain steady, strong and focused to meet increased businesses demands round the year. Yet, experiences where we together as a team pulled off a remarkable feat successfully make us proud of our strength and fruitful engaging relationship with our supply chains.

Evergreen Enterprises is a friend indeed when in need.

It takes a dedicated amount of time and energy to build a successful, good and enduring business relationship. Consistency, trust and engagement have always been an integral part in the ethos of Evergreen Enterprises.

Evergreen Enterprises has always been a trusted supplier of Marico. We have been their No 1 supplier of coconuts in terms of volume, in the year 2015.

Evergreen Enterprises received a call from Mr. Ramesh, Purchase officer, to send 2 loads of coconuts the very next day for testing purpose. He had also mentioned certain specifications to be incorporated in the order.

He explained that a team of experts will be flown from Mumbai, who needs to return the same day after testing.

Our stocks were not adequate to fill in the demand, yet we wanted to stand by Marico and offer a solution to this challenge. Marico had approached other suppliers but none seemed to provide the requirements.

Stocks at Evergreen Enterprises were not enough to cater to the demands. What so we do, go ahead and find a way or help our valuable client?

Our stocks were limited for our processing units. Immediately we stopped the ongoing work and sent coconuts from our yard by stopping half of our production work as we knew this gesture would help us to forge better relations and a sense of trust. Evergreen Enterprises met a need, which was important for our clients.

A successful enduring relationship requires integrity, faith, trust and value. Being aware of humanity and care at every step in business interaction helps in the long run.

Evergreen Enterprises brings business to bonding

Sincerity, hard work and honesty have always been the bedrock of success business relationships. Concern and empathy makes an organization valued and humane.

Evergreen Enterprises believes in building relationships which enhances mutual cooperation and trust.

Evergreen Enterprises has always stood beside her partners through thick and thin. Our client Mr Shabir bhatia was exporting coconuts for the first time through us. Unfortunately his loads were stuck up at the destination port for more than 25 days as his client refused to buy the coconuts as agreed. Mr Bhatia, made frantic attempts to sell the coconuts to new buyers but was being unable to answer an array of questions regarding the shelf life and quality of coconuts. In addition to all this buyers were also quoting a much lesser price for coconuts. Mr Bhatia contacted Evergreen Enterprises for intervention and help.

How do we react? Do we continue to provide him support even when a month had already passed, or let the situation be handled by our buyer?

As always Evergreen Enterprises didn't let down their valued customers. All queries were diligently answered by our team. Our team also educated him about the shelf life and pricing of the coconuts. Everything required was provided by Evergreen Enterprises including sincere prayers.

Mr Bhatia was successful in selling off the coconuts at a price favorable to him.

Evergreen Enterprises has always believed in building relationships which lasts for a lifetime.